Monday, December 5, 2011

My First Princess Castle Cake

Here are some of the steps that went into making it........

First I covered plywood with fondant ( it doesn't have to be perfect )
I apply the fondant in five different sections. 
Suppose to resemble a street so it's okay if there are imperfections.
After I pressed a cobblestone impression in the soft fondant.
I sprayed it with brown and then gold color spray. 

I covered the large tier before on a separate board. 
Refrigerated it so that it makes it easier to relocate the cake. 
I then placed on the cobblestone board in the pic above. 
I inserted three dowels for support of second tier. 

I did the same steps as first tier and then placed on second tier.

I pre-made the towers using ice cream cones, and paper towel cardboard rolls ahead of time so they would dry.

The details I add make all the difference in the cake. 
I spend a lot of time and attention to detail. 

It's really not as hard as it looks. 

After going to every store imaginable, I finally found the princesses at the Disney store.. go figure. 

As with all cakes, there is still some minor imperfections I am not happy about, but you learn from mistakes. 



Alexis and Justin said...

It's amazing just like all of your other cakes! This is great that you started a blog, it will be fun to see some of the steps that go into making the cakes!

Traylor Made Treats said...

Thanks Alexis I really appreciate your support!!!