Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Sports Cakes!

Hockey Mini Cake!
Texas Rangers hat cake
Raiders Football Field Cake!
100 % edible! I free handed the raiders logo in buttercream icing with a paint brush! It turned out pretty good!
3 tier sports cake!
100% edible!
Millions of mini sports cookie favors!

Mini golf cake
6" round with 4 layers of cake 
100% edible (except for flag)
Hunting/fishing camo cake
The boat and fishing pole are NOT edible

3D Volleyball Cake!
Fondant covered 100% edible
Race car cookie favors!
(these took FOREVER!)
Fondant covered & hand painted
100% edible
Personalized 49er Jersey Cake
100% edible
golf cakes
golf set-not edible
Football Cupcakes
fondant footballs
100% edible


LIsa Grover said...

I think you need to start applying to foodnetwork programs\competitions!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the 3 tier ... so cute!
- Sam Gomez

Traylor Made Treats said...

Lisa- No way!