Sunday, March 11, 2012

How I made a Temple Cake

This is the finished product.

I started with a lot of cake! layered with icing...

Then I ice the whole cake.

Cover in fondant.. (terrible picture) add dowels to hold the weight of the other 2 tiers..

Put it all together....

This cake did not turn out how I wanted it to, but it did serve the purpose I was going for. I am aware of specific details of the Oakland Temple that were not incorporated in the cake. I kept it pretty plain. 
The cake was too big for the board I used too....oops!
The 4 "cones" around the cake should have been raised about 4 inches to replicate the actual Temple. 
100% edible. 
Feeds about 160!
Took 3 people to lift the cake! LOL

Every cake I do is a learning experience =)


Alexis and Justin said...

That is amazing! What were you making it for?

Traylor Made Treats said...

Thank you! I believe it was for the
Relief Society Birthday Dinner:)

Brittany Rupp said...

This is sweet Amanda!!! I'm still planning on your making my cake for my wedding :)