Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baptism Cakes

This was a cake for a Baptism...well, actually 3 cakes. Originally, the mom wanted a 3 tier cake, but it was going to be taking a loooong trip to the baptism, and she wanted whipped fillings. I told her it wasn't the best idea to travel far with whipped fillings in a tiered cake. Instead, we decided 3  individual cakes would be best. 

This cake was an 8" round, 4 layers of raspberry champaign cake with 3 layers of rum custard (non alcoholic rum flavoring)

This cake was a 12" round, 4 layers of chocolate cake with 3 layers of white chocolate mousse & fresh strawberries. (my favorite cake combo!)

This little guy was a 10" round, 4 layers of red velvet cake, and 3 layers of chocolate buttercream filling. YUM!

These cakes was decorated with fondant, royal icing, royal icing flowers, and edible glitter. 
100% Edible!

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