Monday, July 9, 2012

Safari themed tiered baby shower cake

This Safari themed baby shower cake i made for a friend of mine. I did not come up with the design on my own. It was a google image that i tried to replicate.
This cake was a lot of fun to make. Originally i was going to make it without the tree, but the baby daddy wanted the tree! So, i said i would try...

I started the construction of the tree with a PVC pipe and i drilled some holes in it. I then added wire..

I covered the top half with fondant, leaving room for the PVC to enter the cake for support.

I then painted the fondant brown

Covered with more fondant and added leaves to the tree..

I then added fondant vines and sprayed the tree with brown and green edible paint to give it more dimension..

Top Tier- chocolate cake with coconut cream filling
Middle tier - yellow cake with chocolate mousse filling
Bottom tier- raspberry champaign cake with rum whipped custard
All details are fondant and everything except PVC pipe and wires were edible=)

PS- i dont think i would make this tree again because it was almost too heavy for the cake. (fondant is very heavy) It wanted to tilt a bit which was very frustrating!
Also, i rarely do whipped fillings in tier cakes because it is too soft and after a couple hours of sitting out (especially in this heat!) the cake starts to lose its structure..

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