Sunday, August 26, 2012

Elephant smash cake

Baby's smash cake!

White cake with white chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries!

Rainbow Elephant tier birthday cake

This cake was a lot of work!!
Not to mention, HUGE!
It may not look that big by photo, but it was big enough to feed 60-70.

All fondant accents are edible

Top tier- salted caramel
Bottom tier white cake with cream cheese icing

This is my favorite part!!
6 layers of RAINBOW fun!!!

Round Safari Baby shower cake

Someone found a picture similar to this cake on Pinterest and wanted me to replicate i tried my best!

All animals are hand made from MMF, and the baby is made from a gum paste mold..

To make the palm tree's, i covered the top half of straws with fondant and added leaves and coconuts...
The straw's were nice and snug in the cake and didn't budge!

100% Edible

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Basic Cake filling & Icing 101

So, this is the absolute basics tutorial on how to fill a cake and ice it, in order to prep it for icing or fondant covering..

~First, bake your cake (2 pans of cake)

~Then after it is completely cooled, slice the top portion off against the top of the pan so it is completely flat.

~Flip and transfer to a board

~Take your cake leveler and cut in half

~Now you should have <2> 2 inch cakes, both cut in half, making 4 inches of cake total.

~This is chocolate cake, so im using chocolate buttercream to ice the cake
(I LOVE  wilton's disposable bags)

~fill with icing .. cut off a small tip..

~Now use your icing and outline the very outer edge of the cake. This makes it so that your filling will not squish out of the cake once you add more layers. 

~Add your filling! I am using white chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries for this cake. 

~Stay inside of the buttercream barrier 

~Press the strawberries in lightly so that there are no bumps..

~Add another layer of cake, and your buttercream barrier..


~again, fill..

~Put on top and final layer of cake..

~My barriers are making it so that my soft mousse doesn't squish out of the sides of the cake!

~Use more buttercream and layer the whole cake with buttercream, even the top..

~Then use a flat edge scraper (totally made that name up, i don't know what its actually called) and   make your cake as smooth as possible..

~Then refrigerate the cake for at least 30 minutes or more, so that the buttercream is nice and stiff.

~Once you take the cake out, you cannot cover with fondant because the fondant will not stick to the stiff, hard buttercream.

~You then cover with more buttercream or piping gel to make the cake sticky for the fondant

Then cover with your fondant and decorate!!
Check out my Marshmallow fondant tutorial on how to make your own home made MMF!

If you have ANY tips to add to these steps PLEASE feel free to comment and let me know! I am by NO MEANS an expert and i would LOVE tips that could help me! Thanks!

This is what i use for my White chocolate mousse
 filling (incase you were wondering!)

1 <2lb> Pastry Pride
1/3 cup of instant white mousse mix
2 TBSP custard powder

When i was given this recipe, it did not include the custard, BUT i have learned through trial and error that if you add a bit of custard powder, it makes the mousse a bit thicker and makes your cake a lot more sturdy.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Damask Baby Shower Cake

Is this not the cutest baby shower you have ever seen??!
I know, right?! 
Mindy @ Creative Juice, designed this party!

This party is also featured in Bird's Party magazine 2012

check it out!!

I did make the cake though! =0)

Top tier- vanilla cake with hazelnut buttercream and chocolate ganache
Bottom tier- Lemon cake with raspberry mousse

100% Edible!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mini leopard cake

This is a "mini" 6" 4 layer chocolate cake with layers of strawberry buttercream and chocolate ganache (chocolate covered strawberry cake!)

100% edible

Flip flop Hawaiian themed beach cake

This is a 14' round vanilla cake with chocolate mousse filling. Covered in vanilla buttercream, and brown sugar "sand".

Flip flops are Brownies covered in chocolate buttercream and MMF
(marshmallow fondant)

Fondant starfish and chocolate shells (i made from shell molds)
Fondant hibiscus flowers
100% Edible!

Pooh Honey Pot Cake and matching cupcakes

"Hunny" pot cake! 
Vanilla cake with vanilla bean buttercream
yes, the lid is cake too =o)

"Hunny" is colored piping gel! 100% edible

Here are the matching cupcakes!

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream

Yes, this is my attempt at Pooh Bear...
100% Edible

Gender reveal baby shower cake & cake pops

This is a 2 tier gender reveal cake!
Top tier- Vanilla cake (BLUE) with vanilla bean buttercream
Bottom tier- Chocolate salted caramel

Zebra print cake pop favors
(BLUE) vanilla cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake!

This cake is pretty darn easy to make! Chocolate chip cookie dough chunks baked into the cake batter. Then layered with swiss meringue buttercream, chocolate ganache, and chunks of chocolate Chip cookies! Topped with whole chocolate chip cookies and chocolate ganache!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fondant Covered Cupcakes

I've seen pictures of fondant covered cupcakes before and always wanted to do them.......until i did! They are very difficult to do!

Home made MMF (as always) 
Cotton Candy Cupcakes & Salted Caramel Cupcakes
Made into a cute little scene
100% Edible

Leopard Cake Pops

Monkey Baby shower Cake!

This is a 1/4 sheet baby shower cake.


Chocolate cake with Coconut Cream filling!
100% Edible

Pokemon Cake & Cake Pops!

These are Pokemon Cake Pops and Matching Cake.
I did NOT think of this cake design on my own, it was a picture that someone gave me and asked me to make the same cake. So i did my best!

Cake was big enough to feed about 50 ppl.

100% Edible