Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Home made vanilla extract

This is the finished product...

But first, was a lot of research and buying what I needed...

I got my bottles and my vodka (and i did 1 smaller bottle with rum~ i wanted to see the difference at the end) -make sure the vodka is 80% alcohol

Then I got my vanilla beans.
I got my beans from where they have a wide variety of different types of organic beans.

I got plain organic vanilla beans, organic Indian vanilla beans, organic mexican vanilla beans, organic madagascar vanilla beans, and organic tahitian vanilla beans..

Let me add, that these prices were amazing for as many beans as you get, AND i knew it was coming from certified USDA organic store.
Beware buying your beans from other online places...if they price is too cheap...your going to get crappy beans.
All of the beans I got were nice and plump and soft.

Research told me to use 6 beans per 17 oz bottle. My large bottles were twice as big and then some, so i doubled my beans and added a couple to compensate. The mason jars I used were exactly 34 oz, so i used 12 beans for those.

I filled them all with the vodka and beans, then I labeled the bottles to show which beans were used and I added a date to the back of each bottle telling when it was bottled. It takes 8 weeks/2 months for the vanilla to be complete.

You store in a dark cool place and shake your bottle once a week.

See the nice brown color? (up there) I think this was after only 1 week!

Now, this is after 8 weeks....

Nice and dark

Mine still smelled a bit like alcohol, and I'm not sure if it is suppose to, so I will give it another week or so..

This project was pretty simple! The hardest part was waiting 2 months!!!
But now I'm set for all of my holiday baking and I may possibly put the vanilla into smaller bottles and give as gifts!

The End =)


Susan said...

Friends gave us homemade vanilla a couple of years ago. It's awesome. I've wanted to do it myself but have felt weird going and buying the alcohol so it hasn't happened yet. Maybe one of these days.

Traylor Made Treats said...

I remember you and i talking about that! I looked like an alcoholic walking out of BevMo LOL! It was a lot of fun making it, you should try it! Give me the money and ill get you the alcohol LOL.

Marlee said...

I don't know you, but I'm interested in trying this! Out of curiousity, which of the vanilla bean varieties produced the best flavor, or is it a matter of taste? Does it make a big difference?