Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Missionary "welcome back" cake

This cake is a personalized cake for a returning missionary.
It represents the journey with a passport, map & spanish/English pocket dictionary. Also with the to flags to show where he is from and where he has been. Along with the badge and luggage tag.. this cake is 100% edible. I used edible images for all the details.

Thank you sheet cake

"Thank you" sheet cake!
Champaign cake with raspberry cream cheese filling, covered in rum buttercream!
Decorated with buttercream accents

Buttercream ruffle cake

Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream covered in vanilla buttercream, then sprayed with pearl color spray

Reese's peanut butter cup CAKE!

If you have a major sweet tooth, this one is for YOU! 
Chocolate cake with layers of reese's pb cups, dark chocolate ganache, peanut butter ganache, chocolate buttercream, & peanut butter buttercream...then covered and topped with all the same things!!

This is only a 12" cake, ONLY! Thats what i thought, until i made it! Holy crap! A 12" cake is MASSIVE!!!!
check out the poor pedestal i used to display it for the picture!

of course, 100% edible!

Buttercream Rose cake

Buttercream rose cake
I used red buttercream on this cake, and after I finished with the piping, I also sprayed it red so it was super red. Then I sprayed it with pearl color too.

Vanilla cake with fresh strawberry buttercream filling (vanilla bc on the outside)

100% Edible

Circus theme baby shower cake

This cake was for my friend's baby shower....
I wanted to be original, since i got to choose the theme.... so i thought, and i thought.....
.....and decided to ask my husband!
He said, "what about a circus theme?" "OK!" i said! 
and BAM! This is what i came up with...

I thought the pastel colors were great to represent a baby...and of course i added the wording to make sure people knew it was for a BABY SHOWER!

I was pretty skeptical because a lot of people don't like clowns (what's that about?) so i decided to leave out the sharp teeth and knives, and make them as cutsie as possible.

Top tier- Salted caramel white chocolate macadamia nut cake
Middle tier- chocolate cake with fresh strawberry buttercream
Bottom tier- pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese filling!

100% Edible

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Damask wedding cake

This is a Damask & Tiffany's inspired wedding cake

All edible Except for the "bling"

Vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream