Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Circus theme baby shower cake

This cake was for my friend's baby shower....
I wanted to be original, since i got to choose the theme.... so i thought, and i thought.....
.....and decided to ask my husband!
He said, "what about a circus theme?" "OK!" i said! 
and BAM! This is what i came up with...

I thought the pastel colors were great to represent a baby...and of course i added the wording to make sure people knew it was for a BABY SHOWER!

I was pretty skeptical because a lot of people don't like clowns (what's that about?) so i decided to leave out the sharp teeth and knives, and make them as cutsie as possible.

Top tier- Salted caramel white chocolate macadamia nut cake
Middle tier- chocolate cake with fresh strawberry buttercream
Bottom tier- pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese filling!

100% Edible

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