Sunday, December 9, 2012

Greater California German Shepherd Rescue cake!

This is a sheet cake for a "Greater California German Shepherd Rescue Christmas party!

All Edible Except for the dogs
Cookie tree's, edible image, isomalt ice rink, fondant santa hats!

Gingerbread house CAKE!

This is a Gingerbread house yes, but inside is nothing but CAKE!!!

100% Edible!(Every single decoration!)

Movie themed cupcakes!

These cupcakes were for a "movie themed" birthday party.

100% edible!

Gluten free & Dairy free cake!

This may look like an ordinary cake, but it's not! It is 100& Gluten & dairy FREE!!! and i don't mean to toot my own horn.. but TOOT! It tasted AMAZING! 
I have made a few gluten free things, but this was definitely a challenge since it had to be Gluten AND dairy free! 
I used Almond milk, Gluten free flour, Almond flour & nucoa "butter sub" in place of the ingredients that i couldn't use. Oh- and my Marshmallow fondant has no gluten in it anyway! yay!

100% edible!

Ballerina baby shower cake!

This is a Ballerina themed baby shower cake! Damask print on Fondant.
ballet slippers edible
100% edible!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Cake

This is a Christmas present cake!

Vanilla cake with layers of white chocolate mousse & banana cream!

100% edible!

Christmas present cake

This is a present cake! 
Lemon cake with layers of bavarian cream and pistachio buttercream!

100% Edible   

Christmas present cake

This is a present cake! 
Chocolate mocha cake with hazelnut swiss meringue buttercream!

100% Edible

Football sheet cake

Unlike a majority of my cakes, this one is pretty much all buttercream, except for the lettering

Andes mint cake- Chocolate mint cake with layers of andes mint mousse covered in chocolate buttercream!

Afro cuban drum cake

Yes, this is an Afro Cuban Drum cake..... The cake itself is a drum too!

I loved the flavor of this cake too..."Pecan Pie flavor" Pecan cake with layers of caramel pecan mousse & caramel pecan buttercream! I was told it was pretty amazing =P

Hunting cake

Hunt'n cake
Fondant binoculars, shells & antlers

100% edible

Ronald Reagan cake

I know...very random cake. Well, i guess it was for a BIG fan of the ol Reag-ster!

Hand painted Ronald Reagan on Fondant with food coloring.

100% edible

Andes mint ganache cakes

Chocolate cake with layers of Andes mint ganache & mint mousse. Covered in chocolate buttercream and mint ganache

Wedding Cake - Vegas style!

Don't ask me why pink & red.......

100% edible 
(gum paste roses)

Skeleton Cake

100% edible!
 Chocolate coffin!

Buttercream hydrangea cake