Saturday, April 6, 2013

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to make a Tangled Tower cake

A client sent me a picture of a Tangled cake she wanted.. and I thought, "SURE! I'd love to make that!" ....

..Then a couple weeks went by and the due date was approaching and I still didn't know how I was going to make this "tower" stable...

FIRST I started with this foam cylinder thingie that I got from Michaels. I used this as the tower, got a 3/4" PVC pipe, (about 16-18" long) and a pointed ice cream cone. The PVC pipe pushed right into the foam, and I used piping gel to attach the cone to the top part of the cylinder. (I hope your following)

Then I decorated the tower part, ahead of time.

THEN I got this big wood thing from LOWES. I have used this a bunch of times for tier cakes because its a nice solid piece of wood, and it's only like $7. which is really cheap compared to any other round plywood I have found at any craft stores or other hardware stores. 

THEN I used a drill bit to make a hole all the way though the wood. (same sz as the screw) I also used a bigger bit to make a little indent room for the head of the screw (so it would be level with the wood)  I used a 8-32x3 screw and screwed it all the way through..

Then I used a PVC connector for a 3/4 pipe, and added a PVC cap to one end of it. The cap closes off one end of the PVC, which also acts as an attachment for my screw. I making sense??

OK, so, through the bottom, goes the screw, and here is the top view...
I screwed through the PVC cap and added a nut to secure the screw to the PVC extender.

Now my "tower" PVC fits right into the PVC extender, nice & secure!

Now that the construction is done, it is time to make the cake!!

(I used a 12" cake pan for this cake). Ok, Then I made sure to cut a hole through my cake board & each layer of cake as I assembled the cake to make room for the PVC extender in the middle (duuuh)

Iced the cake.....

Covered it in fondant, and added the tower! now ready to decorate! (obviously i didn't care if the fondant was perfect because I was going to be covering it in decorations. I don't stress when stress is not needed!)

Then wham bam spank you ma''s all done. best part?!?!?! I DONT HAVE TO WORRY THAT THE TOWER MIGHT FALL OVER!!! YAAAYYY!!!

*Important tip for you! If you decide to do something like this, make sure you think ahead about the cost of the construction of your cake. It was about $20. for all the supplies I needed just to build this . That does NOT include the decorations and ingredients to make the cake OR aaaallll the time spent to construct, make, decorate..etc. SO MAKE SURE that if you are making this for someone, you charge them for all the supplies you will be buying Otherwise, that's a LOT of work, and you wont get much of a profit after all of the expenses! 

Have fun!!