Delish Cakes!

Strawberry champaign cake. Champaign cake with layers of rum mousse, covered in strawberry buttercream & dripping with chocolate ganache..

Chocolate cake with layers of white chocolate mousse, chocolate mousse, and strawberry filling. Covered in chocolate buttercream, dark chocolate ganache, slivered almonds & topped with chocolate covered strawberries!

Vanilla cake with layers of white chocolate mousse, strawberry mousse, & strawberry filling. Covered in vanilla bean buttercream, slivered almonds, and topped with sugared strawberries.

Lemon cake layered with lemon mousse, covered in vanilla bean buttercream, and white chocolate lemon ganache topped with white chocolate mousse & lemons!

Chocolate & caramel 

Reese's peanut butter cup cake! Chocolate cake FILLED with TON's of PB cup's, Peanut butter buttercream...chocolate, peanut butter ganache
....drizzled with all the same things!!

Peppermint oreo cake! Chocolate cake with layers of oreo mousse & peppermint mousse covered in chocolate buttercream!

Andes mint cake! Chocolate cake with layers of mint mousse, covered in chocolate buttercream, and dripping with mint ganache!

Pumpkin spice cake layered with caramel buttercream, covered in spiced buttercream and drizzled with white chocolate & caramel ganache!

white cake with a layer each of pineapple mousse, blueberry mousse, and raspberry mousse filling, covered in vanilla buttercream, chocolate ganache, and fresh fruit!

White & caramel swirl cake filled with chocolate buttercream, caramel ganache, and TWIX! topped with all the same things plus chocolate ganache.

Chocolate cake filled with caramel buttercream & chocolate ganache, topped with chocolate & caramel ganache

Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache topped with chocolate ganache & dipped strawberries!

Salted Caramel white chocolate macadamia nut cake

Peanut Butter Cup cake!

White cake with pineapple mousse filling covered in toasted coconut

Carrot cake with cream cheese filling covered in toasted walnuts

Chocolate salted caramel cake;
Chocolate cake with layers of caramel topped with chocolate sea salt!

Chocolate cake with a layer each of white chocolate mousse, chocolate mousse, and strawberry cake filling, covered in chocolate ganache and slivered almonds, garnished with chocolate covered strawberries, white chocolate mousse and strawberry filling

Snickers cake!
Chocolate cake with layers of chocolate buttercream and snickers!

Pecan bundt cake!

Salted Caramel cake

Chocolate caramel toffee cake

Inside of a chocolate caramel toffee cake!

Chocolate Chip cookie Cake!
Bits of cookie dough baked into white cake, layered with swiss meringue buttercream & chocolate chip cookie chunks!

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